This is a list of all the changes made to Children of Liberty, and when those changes went live.

Early Access 3 - 5/31/2014

  • Direct links to bug report form: automatically fills out most of the form! Just press right to scroll over to it on the main menu, and left to go back. 
  • Feedback Focus: a new message from us about which part of the game we need feedback on the most, in the main menu. 
  • Added version number to main menu 
  • New video options: 16:9 resolutions, windowed mode, and three quality settings 
  • Updates to & improved legibility on About, Instructions, and Controls pages 
  • New on-screen UI to show currently available actions

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed bad Y positions on at least 1 checkpoint’s respawn point 
  • Fixed player takedown detection 
  • Some Redcoats had slightly off spawn coordinates; added auto-correction for this 
  • Fixed a bug with using Esc key to go to main menu 
  • Fixed a bug with Redcoat vision cone rotation 
  • Fixed main menu movement on keyboard 
  • Fixed shader settings on some sprites 
  • Fixed some red/blue line sprites 
  • Fixed some text objects not having the correct material

Coming soon, in no particular order: Long Wharf! Cutscenes! Dialogue boxes! The Codex! Mouse controls! Pause menu! Return of the controller UI!