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Long Wharf is the second level of Children of Liberty. It is a very open level that has the player searching for a way into Boston's North End.


Long Wharf has over fifty explorable tracks. Some are more linear than others.

The rooftops are accessible via ladders.

The pillars along the docks can be used as cover spots to let Redcoats walk by peacefully.

This is the first level where Redcoats will look behind themselves to the Blue Line in their regular patterns. Study them carefully!


Long Wharf started out as a prototype level back in 2010, in the Multimedia Fusion version of the game.

Long Wharf was the first level reconstructed in Unity, in 2011. It too has gone through several iterations. In 2013, it was expanded from 3 tracks to over 50 tracks! As such, the length of the level expanded considerably as well, and narrative adjustments had to be made to compensate. While the level used to end on a cart pushed by lit fireworks, it now sees the player searching for boats that can take them over to Commercial Wharf and back into the city.


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