The Warehouse is the first leve of Children of Liberty. It acts as both a tutorial and an introduction to the story.

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The Warehouse is split up into 3 floors. The first floor teaches basic movement mechanics, the second and third floors focus on character specific abilities.

The only enemy type in the Warehouse is the Redcoat. Redcoats in the Warehouse have especially easy patterns compared to later enemies in the game.


The Warehouse has been in development since 2011. As the years have gone on it has been iterated numerous times, expanded to include multiple floors, and continues to double not just as a tutorial level but also as Lantana Games' mechanics sandbox for the entirety of Children of Liberty.


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The Warehouse is based on the "Custom House Block" on Long Wharf, next to the "Chart House." Both were previously owned by John Hancock as a part of his privateer/smuggling efforts, prior to the American Revolutionary War.